CrossFit Teens is a program specifically for pre-teens and teenagers (ages 12-16 yrs) and their overall development. Our mission at CrossFit Alaska is To provide a community to all levels of athletes; a safe, fun environment to develop and enhance fitness and wellness.


CrossFit Teens provides and introduction to specific body-weight movements and weight lifting to develop full-body strength, mobility, conditioning, and all-around athleticism. Sessions typically consist of a warm-up, detailed focus on a specific body-weight movement and/or weight lifting skill, a WOD, and core strength.


CrossFit Teens will have fun completing individual, partner, or team workouts that are challenging but attainable. This is a positive environment where tweens and teens are encouraged to always put forth their best effort, which ultimately boost their self-confidence and self-belief.


In addition, CrossFit Teens has a W.O.M. “Word of the Month” to highlight important qualities or characteristics to not only be a successful crossfitter, but a successful person in all facets of their life. Each month one to two members are recognized for displaying the W.O.M. and are rewarded with a small prize and certificate.