There are two schools of thought in regards to a pricing page:

  • Put pricing visibly on the website
  • Require a prospect to call the gym


Our research suggests that sites with a pricing page get far more calls and new member leads. Furthermore - boxes with lower pricing get more leads.


One mistake often made is not shopping your competitors' pricing.


Clear concise and easy to understand pricing is preferred over a pricing matrix.


Discounts for the below groups are not discouraged:

  • Military
  • First Responders
  • Students
  • School Teachers


Multi-month membership also often receive discounts as well as

6 Month

12 Month


Punch Cards:


Punch cards are a great way to up sell drop-ins and tourists. For example Instead of a one time visit sell someone on vacation a 10 pass card for while in town.

Put the pricing in columns if possible.