Most Recent Groupon Feedback:
"I found this facility to be everything I expected and more, the experienced, professional staff of trainers take a personalized approach to fitness and can find the best path to fitness for each individual. I am really pleased! Thank You Rachel!!"
"Crossfit Alaska is great! The trainers are fun, kind, and super motivating! I have been telling everyone to try it. Oh, and best of all...it's a great workout!" 
"Super place!  Excellent instruction and emphasis on proper form yet you still get pushed to the limit!  Highly recommend!"
"They have a great atmosphere and personable coaches who make you comfortable no matter your skill level or fitness level"
"Excellent trainers, positive and helpful environment, great facility, awesome workout!!
"Great people, great environment , excellent workouts"
Lisa Marie
As a Travel Nurse, I have been to many CF boxes around the US, and I have to say that Crossfit Alaska is just amazing! The coaches, the WODs, the environment, the people... all fabulous! Everyone is so flexible and accommodating to meet the different needs of the members. My favorite part, though, is how much the owners/staff/members care. 
Today was the cherry on the cake for me, which inspired me to write this. Mid- workout, I wanted to switch my double unders to single jumps. I knew I could do it, but was just dying mentally; I wanted to quit so badly. Rachel, co-owner and the coach today, came over and stood next to me. She stood by my side and counted my double unders with continuous encouragement and gave me pointers on how to finish. 100 double unders later, while I was totally exhausted, I was also pumped beyond words... I had not only just accomplished something I didnt think I could (mentally) finish, but because I had someone else that believed in me and supported me that much. Its not that this specific story is so special... this stuff happens all the time in CF, but this is just one out of a million wonderful situations that Ive experienced here, which is my point. These kind words for CFAlaska are way overdue as when something is a 10, it shouldn't go unrecognized! 
Congrats Clay and Rachel, and CFAlaska crew... you have a spectacular facility and its not going unnoticed! Keep up all the great work!


I'd have to start of by saying that I really think that this crossfit gym has a huge group of amazing big hearted people. I moved here from Minnesota and have a background of Kettlebells and MMA. Rachel Clay and Erin hands down have been thee most patient people and have a true passion for what they do. The members of the gym have also been a real motivator...I don't know everyone's name but Clay's mom and the 9am ladies and Jake who seems to be beaming with pure love for fitness and people are the few that I can name that will keep you coming back over and over striving for your personal best and more. If you are looking for a gym that is like a home and offers a great program this is it.
Tony Lenter
I have been doing CrossFit for a little over a year in Indiana. During that time, I've been in a couple different CrossFit boxes, but from the moment I walked into CrossFit Alaska, I knew this place was something special. Clay, Rachel, Erin, and all the trainers are amazing, friendly, knowledgeable and extremely encouraging in helping every member succeed, and me being a visitor from out-of-town didn't change that one bit. I was welcomed immediately and made to feel like I had been apart of their "family" for years. There is a true sense of community and an extremely high level of motivation that comes from it. This atmosphere is absolutely impressive and something each CrossFit box should strive to have. During my time at CF Alaska I was able to not only continue my training, but to PR in several areas and have breakthroughs in others. For instance, hitting my first-ever ring muscle-up (HUGE thanks to Erin!!!), improving my back squat, double-unders, cleans and more! CrossFit Alaska is truly a remarkable box and most sincere thanks go out to everyone there (trainers and members, alike) who made my time even more enjoyable! Keep up the GREAT work, and CrossFit on! 3...2...1...GO!!!
Dakayla Walters
I've been going to crossfit Alaska for four years now and I can't think of a single bad thing to say about this gym. Not only are the trainers and people all awesome and super friendly, but safety and good form is a top priority as well. There are classes for everyone here to take and I can't imagine working out anywhere else. Love this gym :)
Gabi Miller
I would say CrossFit Alaska is more of a family than a gym. I moved up here from Iowa knowing no one, and was welcome with open, sweaty arms. Great workouts, greater people!
Bre Baines
I'm in love with Crossfit Alaska! Even though there is now two crossfit gyms in anchorage there is only one in my eyes. Cant wait to come back and train!