Kayla Paige
Sept 4, 2017

Struggling with depression, poor self esteem and seeing no progress trying to work out on my own I joined this gym to accelerate my weight loss journey. 8 Months later I'm down 50 pounds and 10 pant sizes (yes, 12 to 2!) But the best part is I can literally walk taller and more confidently than ever ---thanks to my new found back muscles. 

For true transformations you have to surround yourself with people who will not drag you back into unhealthy habits. Thanks to this gym, I am surrounded by people who want to live a healthy lifestyle. CFAK is more than just a gym it's a community.

Ingrid Lindberg
August 17, 2017
Why Crossfit Alaska? At age 55 my weight was slowly creeping up. And despite occasional bike rides and swimming, my level of strength was going down. I felt tired after work, and had no motivation to go to my standard gym. I switched to Crossfit jaded, thinking I really didn’t like weightlifting, and I would be the oldest person there. My perspective changed quickly. From the first class, knowledgable and caring instructors nudge and cajole until you can’t help but push yourself. Yes, there are extremely fit types who inspire me with their abilities. But there are also folks like me, who simply want to build energy for life. I’ve lost 15 pounds in 3 months and I’ve gained muscle and strength to match. Results come quickly at CrossFit. My goals? A chin-up by Christmas and a better time at the Gold Nugget Triathlon next Spring. With CrossFit Alaska I’ll get there.
Philip Giorgione
When I first started Crossfit at CFAK 8 months ago my primary goal was to improve conditiong and performance in triathlons. Last weekend I competed in the same Tri I did last year and reduced my total time by 14:33. That reduction would not have occurred without CFAK. My thanks to past and present coaches and peer Crossfitters. As a Crossfit "Silver" it has never been about RXing workouts. It has always been about making gains. Gains made and goal achieved!
Michael Nance 
March 22, 2017 

This is the first time I have dropped in by myself to a box and the people here are incredibly welcoming. It's a well laid out facility with plenty of room to comfortably do the workout. David was the coach each morning and did a fantastic job in explaining what was going to be accomplished that day along with motivating during the workout. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to try out crossfit to check this place out or if you're like myself and needing a place to drop in to while you're traveling away from your home box, this is the place. I'll definitely drop in again when I come back in a few months. Thanks Crossfit Alaska!

Martha Peters 
January 3, 2017 

Chris Peters & I have been a member since late February 2016. We love this place and everyone here. The support from the owners, coaches & other members are priceless. 
Our results from fully committing to crossfit 3-5 days a week along with healthy/eating clean has truly transformed us. We have have each lost over 70 lbs of fat and are so much stronger with lean muscle.
We highly recommend this place!!! They offer a free class every other Thursday & Saturday. If you want to workout with us, come on a Thursday & we can workout together. 
We love CrossFit Alaska ðŸ‹ðŸ»ðŸ’– #bestgymever