About CrossFit Alaska

CrossFit Alaska (CFAK) was founded in 2008. It was one of the first 300 CrossFit gyms to open up around the world. A lot of hard work and sweat from many individuals have built it up to what it is today. As of the summer of 2017 the keys were passed on to Kevin and I. Although new to the business world, we still hold the same values that have built our love for our community members and our passion for CrossFit; hard work, determination, and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Here at CFAK we provide a strength and conditioning program that consists of combinations of weightlifting, ca


  • 4.26.18

  • You guessed it! It is Bring a Friend Thursday!!!


    1) “Half and Half”
    Teams of 2
    8 Rounds: 
    400 Meter Row
    200 Meter Farmer Carries (53/35)


    **In this partner workout, athletes will complete four rounds of rowing each. One athlete will row then your partner. After both rows are completed, both partners will complete the 200m farmer carry together.